Free Pack MPC60 Drum Kits From Mars

Free Pack MPC60 Drum Kits From Mars…Desde Samples From Mars nos llega una nueva librería de sonidos gratuita, en esta ocasion se trata de un pack con diversos kits de la AKAI MPC60, un samples diseñado en 1988 por el legendario Roger Linn, la MPC60 es uno de los samples más reconocidos, junto al SP1200 es uno de los instrumentos básicos en estilos como el Hip-Hop,  R&B y House…el pack contiene 3 kits con un total de 48 samples en formato WAV-24bit, además de extras como sonidos TR-909, samples de vinilo, sub graves, un plantilla de groove y mapas de los kits.


The Free MPC60 From Mars is the free, miniature version of the MPC60 From Mars. It features 3 of the kits that come with the full version and 1 groove template. Designed by Roger Linn in 1988, the MPC60 is one of the best sounding samplers of all time and, (along with the SP1200), has shaped the sound of classic 90s hip hop, R&B and house music with its unmistakeable grit, warmth and punch. And despite looking like a cash register and having a resolution of only 12bits, this sampler still sounds better than any modern equivalent boasting higher specs. Quite simply, what you put into it comes out sounding better.

Usually when you sample something (an analog drum machine, for instance) the samples are less desirable than the drum machine itself. But with the 60, you can actually make an 808 or 909 sound better (well, different) – hardening it, fattening the low end, crunching up the midrange and creating a hard hitting sequence with an amazing shuffle. And while the debate over the best MPC continues, the 60 is undoubtedly the best sounding, with its instantly recognizable and classic color it imparts on everything that passes through it.

Free MPC60 Drum Kits From Mars

  • (3) 16x Hit Drum Kits containing 48x 24bit WAV MPC60 Samples
  • 909 hits, Linn & vinyl samples, subs and blips
  • (1) MPC60 swing groove template (61%)
  • All formats contain (3) mapped drum kits
  • 37 MB Unzipped

Free pack MPC60 Drum Kits From Mars

Free Pack MPC60 Drum Kits From Mars

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