G-Audio Free Cinematic 3D VST – MAC OS Only

G’Audio Works es un plugin que nos permite renderizar audio para vídeos en 3D y 360º, la realidad virtual está de moda y existen muchas aplicaciones para crear entornos virtuales, no tantas que nos permitan trabajar con el audio en este formato…si te dedicas a la creación multimedia, de vídeo en 360º o entornos de Realidad Virtual, este plugin te permite emplazar y mover los sonidos en estos entornos de la forma más sencilla, eso si, de momento, solo está disponible en formato AAX de 32bit-64bit para los sistemas MAC OS.


G’Audio Works is the Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) plug-in that is available at no cost to anyone seeking to create realistic audio for cinematic VR and 360° video. When a VR production is mixed and mastered in Pro Tools using Works, we recommend the final output to be in GAO format, a hyper-real audio format that offers the best choice in terms of sound quality and sound localization. Please contact support@gaudiolab.com if you have any questions regarding the use of Works.

  • Simple placement of 3D sound in a virtual space : Works is easily added to Pro Tools as an AAX plug-in. There is no need to buy or learn a new system. Simply add Works at the end of the track’s processing chain, and accurate spatial audio can be achieved.
  • Multiple inputs and outputs supported : Take advantage of sound objects (Mono), channel-based tracks (Stereo, 5.1, Quad), and Ambisonics signals for your post-production workflow. Export your work in either FOA or GAO format to best suit the consumers’ immersive audio experience needs.
  • Edit-as-you-watch : You can easily localize sound while watching the reference video in HMD view, Panoramic View, or Map view.
  • Save time with fast export : With offline bouncing supported, you can quickly export and share your work.
  • Available for free download via G’Audio (41.6 MB download size, ZIP archive containing EXE installer, 32-bit & 64-bit AAX plugin format for Mac OS, activation key delivered via email).

Free Pro Tools Interactive 3D Audio Plugin "Works" Hands-on Tutorial

G-Audio Free Cinematic 3D VST – MAC OS Only

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