Free VSTi – Bounce-Splash-Exotic – Windows Only

De Noizefield ya hemos publicado con anterioridad, son muchos los plugins gratuitos que encontraremos en su página web, pero hoy nos vamos a centrar en tres nuevos lanzamientos, los sintetizadores Bounce, Spalsh y Exotic…Bounce es un sintetizador capaz de generar sonidos modernos y frescos, un sintetizador que rivaliza con otras opciones comerciales, cuenta con 6 osciladores, 4 de los cuales son sincronizables…Splash es otro potente sintetizador dotado de 4 osciladores, 2 moduladores y sección de efectos…Exotic, un sintetizador con 2 osciladores y 16 formas de onda, sección de filtros y efectos…todos los plugins son compatibles con Windows en versión 32bits.


Bounce is a great synth plugin with a rich and modern sound. Regarding the sound, I don’t think I’m wrong if I say Bounce can rival commercial plugins. At least this is the impression that I was left with after a short test of few minutes…Spash, This synth has got four oscillators, two modulation- and one amp envelopes with individual slopes, two different matrixes (one for LFOs and envelopes each). Every oscillator has got 42 different waveforms. An effect section with distortion, bit reducer, 4-band-EQ, Chorus, Reverb is included too…Exotic, a small synth with two oscillators with 16 waveforms, two envelopes and LFOs, three effects (chorus, reverb and decimator) and one filter section with three different filter modes(LP, HP, BP). Additionally there’s a fatner to create sounds more wide and fat. The sounds are specificated for Melbourne Bounce and EDM styles.

Free VSTi – Bounce-Splash-Exotic – Windows Only

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Author: JoseLogicAudio

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