Free TX16Wx Software Sampler PC-MAC

Muchas de las librerías que suelo ofrecer, contienen gran cantidad de muestras “samples”, estas son perfectas para ser utilizadas con este tipo de instrumento, un sampler es un VST que nos permite cargar las muestras, especialmente aquellas que son “multi”, es decir, que encontramos un sonido en toda la escala musical y, mediante el sampler, las podemos tocar como si de un piano o sintetizador se tratase…TX16Wx Software Sampler, es un sampler multi timbrico que nos permite trocear, cargar y manipular las muestras a nuestro antojo, ademas se trata de un VST totalmente gratuito….en las descargas encontraremos versiones tanto para PC como MAC OS.


Tired of the same old sample playback plug-ins, rehashing tired preset sounds and locking you in to a single manufacturer and data format? Would you like to experience that sheer joy that comes from building your own sounds, recording your own samples and mangling them with near endless sound shaping possibilities? TX16Wx Software Sampler is a plug-in for the creative musician, inspired and modeled after the best hardware samplers with all the ease and new exiting features modern software brings. A multitimbral instrument that actually samples, and with a documented file format so you never will be locked in to a single instrument. And if that is not enough, It is 100% free!


  • Unlimited multi-timbral operation
  • 128 voice polyphony
  • 6/12/24 dB resonant filters
  • Two syncable LFO per voice
  • Two Modulation Envelopes per voice
  • Three Sequence LFO per voice
  • Modulation matrix with 16 modulation slots per voice
  • Multiple keyboard scales
  • Multiple trigger modes
  • Mono/Poly/Legato operation
  • Per-sample loop start/end/direction modulation
  • Windows – MAC OS 32-64bit

Free TX16Wx Software Sampler PC-MAC

Sampling in GarageBand 10: Using the TX16Wx Software Sampler

Free TX16Wx Software Sampler PC-MAC

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Author: JoseLogicAudio

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