Pioneer DJ TORAIZ AS-1 Sintetizador

Si en el anterior artículo veíamos el primer controlador diseñado específicamente para DJ en Ableton Live, ahora es el turno del primer sintetizador de Pioneer, de la mano de Dave Smith, con quien ya crearon el Sampler Toraiz, nos llega un nuevo miembro de esta serie, el Toraiz AS-1, un sintetizador monofónico que se integra a la perfección con el mencionado Sampler…la frontera entre el DJ y productor musical se difumina aún más.

Pioneer DJ TORAIZ AS-1 Official Introduction
More than ever, producers are making tracks using electronic instruments such as synthesizers and drum machines. And now, in collaboration with Dave Smith Instruments, we’ve created a new monophonic synthesizer for music production and live performances: the TORAIZ AS-1. The synth is the second musical instrument in our TORAIZ series that brings new creative possibilities to the studio and stage, and its release follows the launch of our popular TORAIZ SP-16 live sampler in August 2016. The TORAIZ AS-1 is driven by a fully programmable, true analog synthesis engine based on the discrete analog circuitry in Dave Smith Instruments’ Prophet-6 synthesizer – a modern reboot of his classic Prophet-5. Working closely with Dave Smith himself, we’ve created a synth that produces powerful analog sound and makes an ideal addition to the set-ups of professional and aspiring producers. Our experience in making DJ equipment and production gear has been poured into the development of the new synth’s user interface and performance features. The intuitive controls include parameter knobs that let you make both subtle and dramatic changes to the tone of your music to create your own personalised sound. You can use the touchpad-style keyboard and slider to manipulate sounds during performances. And it’s easy to manipulate the seven on-board effects, which – with the addition of a brand-new digital distortion – come from the Prophet-6 synth. You can connect the TORAIZ AS-1 synth to the TORAIZ SP-16 live sampler via MIDI and use the sampler’s sophisticated sequencer to create even more complex patterns with the powerful analog sounds you’ve created in the synthesizer. Together, the two TORAIZ instruments can be connected to your DJM mixer via Pro DJ Link and MIDI, creating a set-up where the CDJs play the track, the TORAIZ SP-16 adds loops and one-shots, and the TORAIZ AS-1 generates unique analog leads in sync with the BPM of the music. The TORAIZ AS-1 will be available from March Find out more:

El Toraiz AS-1 es un sintetizador basado en el Prophet 6, se trata de un sintetizador analógico con secuenciador por pasos…este movimiento me recuerda en parte a Roland con su serie Aira, compuesta de mesa de mezclas, unidad de efectos, caja de ritmos, sintetizador…todo sincronizable y perfecto para sesiones en directo…tal vez sea eso lo que busca Pioneer, una serie de productos para directo que se integre con sus nuevos controladores y reproductores multimedia para DJ.

Ahora disponemos de un sintetizador capaz de crear gruesos sonidos monofónicos, con secuenciador de hasta 64 pasos, perfecto para crear sonidos que podemos samplear desde el Sampler Toraiz SP-16 e integrar en nuestras sesiones, o para productores que quieran explorar la creación y sampling/manipulación de sonidos…si le incluimos una RMX-1000 el resultado puede ser la bomba.

Author: JoseLogicAudio

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