DubMixing Tutorial – Free Ableton Project

Un vídeo que tiene ya un año aproximadamente, pero que encuentro de gran utilidad, el artista EMCH nos brinda esta clase magistral sobre mezcla de Dub y además, un proyecto de Ableton Live con el que podremos seguir la clases y practicar…se trata de un proyecto gratuito y libre de derechos, excepto las partes vocales y los samples de audio que tienen copyright, aún así, podemos modificar el proyecto cambiando samples o añadiendo sonidos según nos convenga.


Dubspot instructor and label head behind Subatomic Sound System Emch demonstrates his approach to dub mixing using the Livid Ds1 MIDI mixer in conjunction with Ableton Live and the Push controller. Watch as Emch uses the Ds1 as an instrument and the power of combining new technology with old-school dub mixing techniques to produce a relatively complex track. While performing his track Unity Dub featuring Treasure Don, Emch shows us how he utilizes the eight channels on the Ds1 to navigate through Live’s Session View Scenes, launch Clips, and trigger dub-style spatial effects. Learn different approaches to using the channels and various modes to control clips and adjust recording to capture arrangement and automation moves on-the-fly.

In celebration of the upcoming Subatomic Sound System Vive Latino tour debuting in Mexico, Emch has crafted a special Ableton Live 9 session of the Subatomic Sound System track Unity Dub featuring Treasure Don available to download FREE…Feel free to experiment with the beats and use the sounds and presets. However, the vocals and music audio samples are under copyright protection.

DubMixing Tutorial – Free Ableton Project

  • Free Ableton Project
  • Dub Style
  • Included Vocals and Samples with Copyright
  • Rest of Project are Free
Dubspot Dub Mixing Session Tutorial: Ableton Live + Ds1 MIDI Mixing w/ Emch

DubMixing Tutorial – Free Ableton Project

Descarga Directa – Direct Download

Free Ableton Live Dub Project

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