Deluge – Sintetizador, Secuenciador, Sampler, Controlador

Deluge by Synthstrom Audible (Walkthrough Part 1)
A visual manual, step-by-step walkthrough of how to use a Deluge. Make sure you watch parts 2 & 3. Apologies for the poor quality audio. These really are meant as tutorial videos – not an audio showcase of the Deluge. The synth/pattern programming is very rudimentary, we will be bringing you some videos which show off its audio potential ASAP. Part 1. 00:05 Track View 00:45 Scrolling 01:10 Note length 01:34 Synth presets 02:04 Introduction to parameter controls 02:34 Kit Tracks 03:35 Tempo & Swing 04:34 Auditioning samples 05:15 Horizontal zooming and scrolling (finer time divisions) 06:49 Changing Kit preset 07:05 Muting samples within a Kit Track 07:20 Adjusting velocity 07:56 Triplets 08:50 Track length 10:15 Cross Screen Edit 10:56 Shortening track length. 11:29 Irregular track lengths 12:00 Recording notes 12:56 Changing track colour 13:30 Scales & Scale Mode 15:06 Keyboard Mode 16:45 Metronome & Recording in keyboard mode 17:59 Song View 18:10 Muting 18:55 Cloning tracks 19:55 Reordering tracks 20:25 Deleting a track 20:36 Song sections 24:05 Varying track lengths 25:09 Saving, loading & creating new songs 26:30 Loading samples 28:25 Affecting samples 29:41 Recording samples 30:31 Affect entire Song View

Al estilo Ableton Push, Deluge es un instrumento que combina varias soluciones en una, tenemos un sintetizador, un secuenciador, un sampler y al ser MIDI, no permite usarlo como controlador…su precio aproximado será de 720€ y ya se puede comprar el la página de Synthstrom Audible.

Author: JoseLogicAudio

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