Traktor vs Serato DJ Comparativa Por DJ Qbert

TRAKTOR VS SERATO Comparison By DJ Qbert !!!
Everyone wants to know the deal about what to get: Traktor Scratch Pro or Serato Scratch Live! Hard core vinyl addict here, Dj Q-Bert using both side by side in a quick demo for you just to see yourself, and how they both compare to the precision of a real record (on the other side of that Traktor record is an analog recording of a remixed Superseal) Traktor time code vinyl with Skratchy Seal Superseal skipless skratch sounds available at!!! Qbert skratch university students get first dibbs on Traktor time code vinyl test pressings with Skratchy Seal's Superseal skipless skratch sounds!!! available soon at!!!

Author: JoseLogicAudio

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