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Instalooper es un sencillo pero eficiente reproductor de Loops con sección de efectos, perfecto para usarlo en nuestro DAW como sistema para reproducir y editar loops o en directo, donde podemos cargar varias instancias y trabajar con loops directamente, tenemos control sobre la velocidad de reproducción, sentido (normal-reverse), tamaño del sample ademas de efectos que podemos aplicar (Bit Reducer, Autopan, Hipass y Phaser)…en definitiva, una herramienta que cumple con su cometido…está disponible para Windows y Linux en versiones 32bit y 64bit, se espera una versión para MAC próximamente.


INSTA LOOPER is a simple looper with four integrated FX!..Easy to use and efficient, add this tool in your live sets for live FX performances, or simply edit motions on your DAW to get glitch effects, end of measures effects and more…”Insta Looper is a modern looking effect plugin consisting of four effect slots/unit per row. Each slot has controls for the beat size, FX, loop speed and reversed loop. Once you click the blue led, the effect is applied; left click of mouse keeps the looper effect until you release it, while the right click acts like an on/off. Of course you can link the leds (and the dial knobs) to your MIDI controller and create stunning effects on the go. I used a MIDI controller, where the pads corresponded to the leds and the hardware rotary knobs to the virtual “Size” and “Speed” knobs.

But you can also apply FX and reverse the loop. Right click on any FX row and choose between Bit Reducer, Autopan, Hipass and Phaser. The “FX” and “REV” led knobs work only if the main Loop led is enabled (the first led in the row). And to be even more cool, Insta Looper comes with a display where you can see the waveform with all the changes you make in real time. The Insta Looper effect plugin is fun to use in both live and studio situations.


Free Insta Looper VST Effect Plugin Demo

Free VST Instalooper – Windows-Linux

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Author: JoseLogicAudio

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