Variety of Sounds Free VSTs – Windows Only

Nuevamente una de esas páginas de creadores, que nos ofrecen su trabajo de forma altruista…y nuevamente una de esas páginas que sorprende por la calidad de los plugins que vamos a encontrar…saturación, reverb, ecualizadores, muchos plugins de gran calidad para la plataforma Windows….lo que veis en las imágenes es solo una pequeña muestra, en la web de Variety of Sound, vamos a encontrar mucho plugins en descarga directa y totalmente gratuita.


As a computer scientist and musician, I’m enjoying designing DSP algorithms and plug-in concepts. It’s a pleasure for me to share my efforts with other people without having to worry about commercial interests. In each of my effects there is a special technical design, workflow or concept combination I haven’t found in existing tools. Many developers these days just stick to old concepts, but you will never see a straight copy of existing gear from me. I always add some innovation, or find a way to evolve and take it to a new level.

Variety of Sounds Free VSTs


Nasty DLA by Bootsy / Variety of Sound

Variety of Sounds Free VSTs – Windows Only

Descarga Directa – Direct Download

PreFIX by Bootys / variety of sound

Author: JoseLogicAudio

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