Topaz Productions Free VST – Windows Only

En la página de Topaz Productions vamos a encontrar algunos plugins gratuitos que tal vez nos puedan interesar, tenemos el reproductor de loops RS1, que nos permite trabajar con 16 samples stereo, los cuales podemos trocear y aplicar filtros ADSR, Clav 1, un sintetizador que emula a los pianos Clavinet que ademas cuenta con multi filtro dinámico, también tenemos Dyna Filter, un filtro multi modo con Autowah y por ultimo Chordword X, un plugin que crea progresiones a partir de una nota, contando con 98 progresiones a modo de presets…los plugins gratuitos se encuentran al final de la página y solo estan disponibles para Windows en versión 32bit.


RS1: Lets you load your full loop, enter the unity (original) BPM and preview @ any tempo by auto pitching to host. There are 16 stereo sample slots to load the pre cut slices and 3 assignable stereo outs, ADSR/Pitch/Level for each slot…CLAV 1: Clavinet Sample Player with Dynamic Multi Mode Filter Section…Dyna Filter 2: Dynamic Multimode Filter with Autowah…ChordworX: ChordworX takes a single note and triggers upto 7 notes to make up complete chords/arps. There are 98 pre made chords including various inversions ranging from standard min/maj/dominants to more Jazzier diminished and augmented chords, you can also add your own. ChordworX works best in modular hosts like EnergyXT but can also be used in any host that sends midi to plugins.


topaz clav 1 by topaz productions

Topaz Productions Free VST – Windows Only

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