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Flintpope es un artista que nos ofrece gran cantidad de contenido totalmente gratuito, desde su página vamos a poder descargar desde instrumentos para Kontakt o Reaktor a instrumentos Max For Live para Ableton, también packs de sonidos, presets…recomiendo perder una hora en esta página pues es mucho el contenido que vamos a encontrar, contenido gratuito en su mayoría y 100% libre de derechos.


Want some more FREE Ableton Live synths and goodies? Flintpope is here with two very generous packs that’ll make a great addition to your Live 9.5 / Max for Live setup. Simpler Synth & Multipads…Flintpope has announced the release of FOURtet, a free instrument pack for Ableton Live. Consisting of four lead/pad combinations for a mix of evolving sounds with a bit of bite, Fourtet can make some powerful music. Listen to the demo! There are four instruments in the pack, using a four-layered combo of Simpler, Collision, Operator and Tension. Three-way EQ and Filter sweep on each layer ensures infinite tweakability. Open up the racks and discover even more macros…


  • Free Ableton Pack
  • Max 4 Live Tools
  • Free Windows VST
  • Free Kontakt-Reaktor Packs
  • Logic Sculpture Presets


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