Contralogic Free Samples – VST Plugins – Windows Only

En la web de Contralogic vamos a encontrar diversas utilidades, desde plugins gratuitos a diversos packs de samples, recomiendo navegar entre las entradas, pues son diversos los packs y no están organizados por categorías, es la única pega, la web lleva bastante sin actualizarse (desde 2013), pero como les digo, navegando por las entradas nos encontraremos con los diferentes packs de samples y los enlaces son descargas directas, así que creo que merece la pena…respecto a los plugins, exceptuando uno, el resto son totalmente gratuitos, eso si, solo para los sistemas Windows y 32bits.


Contralogic has released a assortment of 256 free audio samples inspired by the sounds of the NES console. This is an awesome collection of short percussive samples produced by the 2A03 soundchip in the NES console in 48kHz 16-bit WAV format. You are free to use these samples for any purpose, but please don’t redistribute them in their original form. Post the link above if you want to share them.

The samples were generated by Famitracker’s emulation of the Ricoh 2A03 microprocessor soundchip and were originally created for a video game called Chompston. Dope free 8-bit SFX samples with some classic video game sounds to download ! (256 audio samples in 16-bit WAV format // 3.4 MB)…Navigating between entries, we found several sample packs…Yamaha PSS-560, NES Samples, Ambience Samples, etc.


Contralogic Free Samples – VST Plugins – Windows Only

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Author: JoseLogicAudio

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