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Mercuriall Audio es un pequeño desarrollador Ruso que se ha especializado en plugins para guitarra y bajo, en su página tenemos diversos plugins de pago y de gran calidad, pero también algunos totalmente gratuitos que merecen especial atención…tenemos plugins como TSC, JCM800, Harlequin, Tomato o Mercurialll Cab, se trata de pre-amplificadores, emuladores de altavoces (cabinet), amplificadores de guitarra y bajo y efectos…todos los plugins están disponibles para Windows y MAC OS en versiones VST-AAX-AU de 32bit-64bit.


Mercuriall Audio Software is a small company from Russia, founded by the programmer Vladimir Titov and mix engineer Vjacheslav Tikhonov in 2015…The main idea is to create a perfect simulation of guitar amps, which would help musicians around the world to get rid of the negative aspects of the analog equipment usage (weight, mechanical damage, etc.) without sacrificing sound.

  • TSC: Drive, Tone, Level, Input Gain, Mod switch, Mono/Stereo, Quality switch, On/Off knob
  • JCM800: Triode model, In/Out level, Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble, Oversampling
  • JCM800 Hot: Triode model, In/Out level, Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble, Oversampling
  • Harlequin: Triode model, In/Out level, Low/High channel, Gain, Bass, Treble, Voice switch, Oversampling
  • Tomato: Triode model, Plate voltage, In/Out level, Drive, Oversampling
  • Mercuriall Cab: Input Tuning, In/Out level, Mic, Pos, Power, More Dynamics, Quality, Stereo, Maximize, Dynamics Only
  • Windows, MAC OS – AU-AAX-VST – 32bit-64bit


Mercuriall Audio Free VST Plugins – Win-MAC

Descarga Directa – Direct Download

Demo / Review: Mercuriall Tubes Creamer
When Mercuriall release a new product, you can guarantee it's going to be pretty damn good. So we were excited to give the new TSC Tubes Creamer plugin a good test! How does it stack up to the old faithful TSE 808? Check out this review / demo to find out! DOWNLOAD LINK:


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