Musictech Focus Ableton Live 2016 – Free DVD

Tal y como les comentaba hace unas semanas, desde Music Tech Magazine van liberando el contenido del DVD perteneciente a la revista, suelen tener 4 DVDs en descarga, conforme añaden el correspondiente al último mes, van quitando los antiguos, pero tal como les prometí, iré avisando para que puedan descargar el DVD en curso…desde que publicamos el ultimo artículo, tenemos disponibles un nuevo DVDs completo y totalmente gratuito, se trata del número especial dedicado a Ableton Live 2016, aunque en la página ala que enlazo encontrarán otros DVDs interesantes.


This is MusicTech Focus: Ableton Live 2016! – another special MusicTech Focus edition for Live users and one that is packed with workshops for Ableton’s finest DAW. We have tutorials for users with all levels of experience: from those just starting out with the software to more experienced Live veterans.

The software has had a couple of important updates over the last year, and our Live expert Martin Delaney looks in depth at some of the best new and existing features in his series of tutorials. For those new to the software and to music production, we have a guide on creating beats and for everyone I’d advise snapping up as many as possible of the best freeware titles that we round up in our large feature. In what is one of our best features, writer Alex Holmes reveals how he built his studio from scratch in his info-packed diary. But we’re really all about Live: your Ableton studios, the best ways to control the software, to listen to it and the best gear to create the perfect Live studio.

MusicTech Focus: Ableton Live 2016 Includes

  • Nine in-depth workshops
  • Master your beats with dubstep, trance and house guides
  • The best gear for your studio
  • Top 50 Freeware revealed
  • Packed DVD – 1GB of copyright-free samples and 2hrs of video
  • Build a Pro Studio


Musictech Focus Ableton Live 2016 – Free DVD

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