Alchemy Kontakt Instrument – 1000 Free Drums

En el anterior artículo les mostraba las librerías gratuitas de Wave Alchemy, esta se correspone al mismo pack, pero para Native Instruments Kontakt, se trata de una librería de mas de 1000 sonidos de batería y percusiones, pero en formato Kontakt…son algo mas de 800Mb, como el anterior pack se trata de sonidos de alta calidad y totalmente gratuitos.


Wave Alchemy has released a free NI Kontakt instrument called Spectrum Demo and an epic collection of 1,000 free drum samples from their new Complete Drums Bundle which is announced for June 30th. Spectrum Demo is a freely downloadable demo version of the forthcoming Spectrum virtual instrument for Native Instruments Kontakt. Compared to the full version of the product, Spectrum Demo is limited to  two oscillator slots (four in the full version), twelve factory patches (instead of 175) and 749 samples in total (10,000 in the full version). Delay and chorus effects are disabled as well and only a single sequencer pattern is available.


Alchemy Kontakt Instrument – 1000 Free Drums

Descarga Directa – Direct Download

Wave Alchemy Spectrum Overview

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