Contra Free VST Rack by Audio Vitamin

Contra de Audio Vitamins es un plugin que actúa como rack virtual de ocho instancias, es decir, tenemos hasta ocho huecos donde cargar los EQs, compresores, reverbs, etc. Una vez configurada la cadena de efectos podemos ir comparando cómo afecta a la pista o mezcla el efecto seleccionado, otra característica es que podemos reproducir la señal en bucle, hasta una longitud de 32 compases, y así centrarnos en el sonido…el plugin está disponible en versiones AU, VST3 y VST para Windows y MAC OS.


After hours and hours of wasted time in the studio we bashed our heads together and decided to come up with the first workflow plugin that will help you listen and achieve better mixes in a shorter time.  Whilst we were brainstorming we all agreed that the modern sound technician is an amazing computer technician, with an understanding of the system in front of them that comparable to a programmer and we felt that in always reaching for a mouse and watching where the mouse pointer is going on the screen we’ve lost the ability to listen with the focus we really need to achieve that perfect mix.

Contra Free VST Rack by Audio Vitamin

Audio Vitamins – Contra

Contra Free VST Rack by Audio Vitamin

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Author: JoseLogicAudio

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