Free VST NoiseBud Burt 2 – Windows Only

Burt es un sintetizador construido alrededor de una cadena tradicional de síntesis sustractiva, pero en vez de la manera tradicional con una cadena de señal agradable y limpia, Burt añade distorsión para “exagerar” la señal en cada paso del camino. Así que incluso si comenzamos con una onda senoidal limpia, seguramente terminaremos con algo completamente diferente…el plugin se encuentra disponible solo para la plataforma Windows en versión 32bit.


Version 2 of our angry old fart is out and he’s still mad as hell!..Burt are built around a traditional chain of subtractive synthesis but Instead of the traditional way with a nice and clean signal chain Burt adds distortion or exaggerate the signal in every step of the signal path. So even if you start off with a clean sine wave you might end up with something completely different and might even not hear any difference if you change to a saw or square. But be sure of one thing; it will sound like no other synth you heard before!..Call it waveshaping or oscillation by distortion if you like… We call it Burt!

News in 2.0

  • New limiter that will save your ears and monitors.
  • Fake Stereo (similar to our pHaase plugin).
  • 2 different trigger modes for the VCA and VCF.
  • a Trillion bugfixes.

Free VST NoiseBud Burt 2 - Windows Only

Noisebud Burt 2.0

Free VST NoiseBud Burt 2 – Windows Only

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Author: JoseLogicAudio

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