Free VST ZynAddSubFX – Windows – MAC OS – Linux

ZynAddSubFX es un sintetizador de código abierto, cuenta con tres motores de síntesis, aditiva, sustractiva y PAD síntesis, se trata de un sintetizador polifónico con soporte para modos legato y mono…ademas contamos con gran cantidad de filtros, envolventes, generador de formas de onda, efectos, piano roll, totalmente MIDI e incluye cerca de 1.100 instrumentos…el plugin es compatible con las plataformas Windows, MAC OS y Linux.


ZynAddSubFX is a fully featured open source software synthesizer capable of making a countless number of instruments, from some common heard from expensive hardware to interesting sounds that you’ll boost to an amazing universe of sounds. This cross-platform project is under active development and for information on the next major update (3.0.0).

Overview of Features:

  • Polyphonic with support for legato and mono playing modes
  • Three synthesizer engines:
    1. Additive Synthesis for classic synth sounds composed of a variety of voices with powerful modulation. This exposes modulators ranging from LFOs and envelopes to oscillator modulators for FM, PM, and AM.
    2. Subtractive Synthesis for creating variable bandwidth harmonics from filtered white noise
    3. PAD synthesis for creating beautiful pads and other instruments
  • Powerful waveform generator with up to 128 sine/non-sine harmonics
  • A variety of filters including analogue modeled filters, formant filters, and state variable filters.
  • Envelopes can have ADSR (or ASR, etc..) modes or can be free modes (with any shape)
  • Effects for Reverb, Echo, Chorus/Flange, Phasing, Wave-shaping, Equalizing, Dynamic Filtering with flexible signal routing
  • Instruments can be organized in kits, which allows you to make drum kits or layered instruments; this makes possible to use more than one instrument for a single part. It is possible to choose what items from the kit should be processed by the Part’s effects.
  • Randomness settings to create subtle differences in each sound to help create that familiar analogue warmth.
  • Microtonal capabilities with any scale, up to 128 notes per octave, and key mapping
  • Extensive MIDI/Audio driver support including JACK, ALSA, OSS, and PortAudio
  • A built-in Virtual Keyboard which can be used even if you don’t have a physical midi keyboard
  • The graphical user interface can be completely disabled if the user need so
  • Session Management Support via LASH/NSM
  • Plugin Support via DSSI/LV2/VST
  • Over 1100 high quality instruments included

Free VST ZynAddSubFX - Windows - MAC OS - Linux

ZynAddSubFX demo 01
Now that I know a bit about how synthesizers work, I have noticed that ZASFX is an exceptional and excellent virtual synth. This is just a bunch of sounds I threw together using only ZASFX. What you hear has no effects or other instruments applied outside of ZASFX. All of these sounds(with the exception of the drums which I got lazy on) I made myself. The cool thing is that this demo barely scratches the surface of what this synth is capable of. I'm thinking about doing a tutorial and releasing a sound bank for ZASFX for those of you who are dubious about it's awesomeness. And no, these aren't real screenshots of the ZASFX I use. They are of a rumored GUI rework that there is very little info available for.

Free VST ZynAddSubFX – Windows – MAC OS – Linux

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Author: JoseLogicAudio

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