Free BlueArp Arpeggiator-Sequencer – Windows – MAC OS

Un arpeggiador es una herramienta imprescindible en cualquier DAW, muchos plugins carecen de esta opción, por lo que el sonido resulta simple, gracias a este tipo de utilidades, podemos secuenciar dicho sonido, creando de esta forma ricas melodías y progresiones…BlueArp es un arpeggiador y secuenciador por pasos, que ademas permite arpeggio de patrones y secuenciación por pasos, disponiendo de bancos y patrones pre definidos…el plugin se encuentra disponible para Windows y MAC OS en versiones 32bit y 64bit.


BlueARP is a VST MIDI Arpeggiator with pattern sequencer style, designed for electronic music genres….For a long time I was seeking for an arp that would allow me to do things like in hardware and finally decided to develop my own one. I took all the best I found in hardware groove boxes and arpeggiators (Korg Electribes, Novation Nova, arrangers) and combined it into single intuitive tool. BlueARP can be also characterised as: pattern arpeggiator, step sequencer style arpeggiator, arpeggiator with pattern input. BlueARP comes as a VST plugin for Windows & Mac OSX.

  • Pattern arpeggiator
  • Step sequencer style arpeggiator
  • Arpeggiator with pattern input
  • Windows and MAC OS (x86-x64)

Free BlueArp Arpeggiator-Sequencer - Windows - MAC OS

BlueARP demo #7 (Various Covers, live performance)
Live performance, BlueARP, T-Force Alpha, FL Studio. Keyboard – Novation Remote SL. All played live, recorded in one take. It took me several weeks to polish this performance. There are some mistakes, but I like it to be imperfect, to confirm it'a all played real-time. There are verious covers mixed with my own patterns: 0:05 My pattern – Trance arp 1:07 Armin van Buuren – Communication 2:15 Benny Benassi – Illusion 3:17 My pattern – Trance plucks, showing BlueARP chord mode 4:33 My pattern – showing BlueARP Force to Scale pattern 5:25 Kraftwerk – The Robots 6:30 My pattern – Old skool Acid 7:30 My pattern – Outro Enjoy, leave comments and have fun with BlueARP!

Free BlueArp Arpeggiator-Sequencer – Windows – MAC OS

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