89 Free Plugins AU – Airwindows – MAC OS Only

Airwindows nos ofrece un total de 89 plugins en formato AU, se trata por tanto de plugins válidos solo para los sistemas MAC OS, como veréis, tenemos de todo un poco, desde efectos clásicos como Reverb, EQ, Delay, Overdrive a instrumentos como Guitarra o Bajo…algo que caracteriza a los plugins de Airwindows, es el interface de usuario, que como se aprecia en las imágenes es de los mas sencillo…esto es así porque como dice el propio autor, prefiere centrarse en el rendimiento y estabilidad de los plugins.


Airwindows plugins are modular, graphic-less, stripped-down, Audio Unit plugins, for the Mac. They’re all coded to work on PPC and Intel processors, because there are a lot of perfectly good PPC Macs out there in studios. They are also all 64 bit- triple binary, i386 / x86_64 / ppc…Airwindows’ reputation was built out of generic-interface plugins, which typically focus on doing only one thing, often with very simple controls, labelled to help understanding but not to encourage formulaic work. There are two reasons for the generic, non-GUI interfaces. One, because it improves reliability a huge amount (many audio plugin bugs, including showstopper bugs, have to do with the GUI part). Two, because time that could be spent debugging the GUI or tweaking its look—or writing copyprotect code—can be better spent improving the sound.

89 Free Plugins AU - Airwindows - MAC OS Only

89 Free Plugins AU – Airwindows – MAC OS Only

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