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Desde Innear Display liberan algunos de sus plugins, se trata de plugin antiguos, que ya no recibirán actualizaciones, pero que son completamente funcionales, tenemos varias utilidades, desde efectos de distorsión, efecto de modulación granular, modificador-distorsionador de audio…todos los plugins están disponibles para las plataformas Windows, MAC OS e incluso Linux, en versiones 32bit y 64bit.


Innear Display has announced that all of their old commercial and free VST/AU plugins are now being re-released as free downloads for everyone interested. The plugins are compatible with 32-bit & 64-bit host applications on Windows and Mac OS (some of them will also run on Linux)!

  • BowEcho (pictured on the top of this page) is my favorite one of the bunch. It is an impressive sound mangler featuring four delay lines and a pack of LFO, ring mod and filter modules that are more than enough to completely transfigure the audio signal on the input. It is an essential sound design utility that you can add to your software toolbox for free!
  • R_MEM is a complex modular granulator effect with some very cool features like preset morphing (you can morph between two plugin states), grain freeze, randomization, etc. You also get some nice bonus features such as a ring modulator, a mod matrix and a multi-mode filter. The plugin was originally priced at $20 and it includes a set of 50 royalty free audio samples to help you get started.
  • Danaides is an advanced sound mangler effect with a built-in step sequencer. It was also priced at $20 back in the day, and it works on Linux based DAWs, as well as on PC and Mac. The plugin includes some rather exotic sound mangling tools called “driller”, “metalizer” and “reducer”, along with a filter, a bunch of modulation sources and a great set of factory presets made by Ivo Ivanov, Abstract Cats and DAED.
  • Gorgon is a rather brutal distortion unit offering an array of distortion flavors, a low-pass filter, frequency modulation, ring modulation and an envelope follower. It is basically an older version of Subvert by Glitchmachines.

Hands on VST – Gorgon by Inear Display

Innear Display Free VST

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