Free VST – Clipmax – Windows-MAC OS

Chokehold no ofrece este plugin de forma gratuita, se trata de un plugin en formato VST2/VST3/AU, compatible con Windows y MAC OS…como su nombre indica, se trata de una utilidad para evitar los “clipeos” de audio, siendo un plugin perfecto tanto para canal como para masterización…el plugin se encuentra disponible en versiones 32bit y 64bit.


Clipmax is a free AU plugin made by Chokehold, and is a hard/brickwall audio clipper. With a Pre Gain, a Ceiling and a Post Gain knob, Clipmax is simple to use. The SOF switch will activate Soff (soft) mode. AGC will calculate against Pre Gain instead of Ceiling, and the RUF switch will put Clipmax into Ruff (rough) mode: this will add a “ceiling before the ceiling”…Available as native 32/64-bit AU/VST2/VST3 plugin. Runs on OSX 10.7 or newer and Windows 7 or newer.

Clipmax User Tips

  • Pre gain boosts the incoming signal.
  • Post gain adjusts output level after clipping.
  • Ceiling sets maximum signal threshold.
  • Light next to ceiling knob flickers to indicate clipping occurrences.
  • AGC button turns on/off auto gain compensation.
  • Cut button activates plugin bypass.
  • SOF sets plugin state to Soff (soft) mode.
  • RUF sets plugin state to Ruff (rough) mode.

Free VST – Clipmax – Windows-MAC OS

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Author: JoseLogicAudio

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