Free VST Crystal – Windows – MAC OS

Crystal es un sintetizador semi-modular que nos ofrece dos tipos de síntesis, sustractiva y FM, ofreciendo ademas abundantes controles de modulación, con cerca de 90 parámetros que pueden ser modulados, el programa nos permite también importar archivos SF2, con lo cual se amplia enormemente la cantidad de sonidos con los que podemos trabajar…el programa está disponible tanto para Windows como MAC OS en versión 32bit.


Crystal is a semi-modular software synthesizer featuring both subtractive synthesis and frequency modulation (FM) synthesis…Crystal offers abundant modulation control with over 90 parameters which may be modulated, multi-stage envelopes with graphical editors, extensive tempo sync of envelopes / LFO rates / delay times, built-in effects for chorus / flanging / comb filtering / echoes, and a band splitter for effects processing by frequency band. Not only that, Crystal has wave sequencing, granular synthesis, program morphing, MIDI learn, and imports SoundFonts.

  • Over 90 parameters which may be modulated
  • multi-stage envelopes with graphical editors
  • extensive tempo sync of envelopes/lforates/delay times, built-in effects
  • band splitter for effects processing by frequency band
  • wave sequencing
  • granular synthesis
  • program morphing
  • MIDI learn
  • imports soundfonts
  • Windows-MAC OS 32bit

crystal soft synth by green oaks video 2
Crystal soft synth as over the years become a freeware classic must have, created by green oaks around 2002 and most people still love it to bits for its sounds. This amasing soft synth can make leads, bass, pads sweeps and sequences and more with its amasing lfo's and envelopes, ect. to find out more visit.

Free VST Crystal – Windows – MAC OS

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