Free SFX VSTi Maranzmator – Windows Only

Maratzmator, de Vasily Makarov, es un sintetizador VSTi capaz de crear sonidos muy particulares y complejos, cuenta con 3 osciladores y sistema de presets…el plugin está desarrollado en Delphy y es muy estable…este sintetizador esta disponible solo para Window sen versiones 32bit y 64bit.


The VSTi plug-in “Marazmator” will please you with unusual space sounding. I very much hope that by means of this plug-in you will be able to bring new sound forms which will surprise listeners to this world, will make your music more various and more interesting!…The synthesizer is offered as a 32-bit and 64bit VSTi plugin for Windows, however it is not a SynthEdit or FlowStone creation, Marazmator was written in Delphi and the developer spent over ten years making it (according to the info available in the official product announcement).

Free VSTi-plugin «Marazmator»

Free SFX VSTi Maranzmator – Windows Only

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Author: JoseLogicAudio

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