Free VST Ohm Force Symptohm – Windows – MAC OS

Ohm Force, el desarrollador de plugins, nos ofrece es sampler sintetizador de forma gratuita, se trata de un plugin que pretende que seamos capaces de extraer la mayor cantidad de sonidos posibles, sin apenas modificar parámetros, el plugin nos ofrece mas de 1.200 pretets, así que podéis imaginar la cantidad de combinaciones posibles…el plugin se encuentra disponible para Windows y MAC OS en formato 32bit y 64bit.


Need a synth with a lot of good sounds to use without too much knob-tweaking complexity? Here comes Symptohm:Melohman in a free Performer Edition, giving you access to all of its mother’s factory presets and some other customizing possibilities. No doubt you’ll end up wondering where these sounds come from..1,200+ presets, explore all of Symptohm’s presets. They sound exactly like they do on the standard edition, with the sophisticated synthesis engine running under the hood. And while you’ll only have scratched the surface after going through thousands of patches, you’ll still have heard of what the top of the iceberg is capable of.

Symptohm Melohman PE by Ohms Force video 1

Free VST Ohm Force Symptohm – Windows – MAC OS

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Author: JoseLogicAudio

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