RAZ Audio Free VSTs – Windows Only

Raz Audio es un desarrollador que como en esta web, cree en la cultura libre, por eso nos ofrece una serie de plugins de gran calidad y totalmente gratuitos, en su página vamos a encontrar utilidades como el N6 Equalizer, un ecualizador de alta precisión y con latencia cero…FilterBox F1, un plugin para “esculpir” el sonido, el STC-3, un plugin para controlar la amplitud stereo o sintetizadores como VMP80, que emula al Roland MPG-80…como he mencionado, plugins de gran calidad y totalmente gratuitos…la única pega, es que solo están disponibles para Windows en formato 32bits.


Our Goal at RazAudio is making audio production and studio work a FREE, easy and enjoyable process. We believe that audio engineers and musicians should focus on the artistic side, not on bundles, keys and passwords. As such, we design our audio solutions based on users requests and field based feedback. you are always welcomed to send us your ideas and suggestions as well.

We currently focus on PC/VST technologies only, but we have firm plans for more platforms in future. All RazAudio technologies are supplied as 32bit VST DLL’s, to use the software, just download from the correct tab and copy to your working DAW directory.

VMP80vs by RAZ Audio
First comes the VMP80, a virtual controller which shares the exact layout as the original MPG80. It comes in two versions, stand alone (*.exe) and VST (*.dll), the latter offers full automation and synchronization to your DAW ! (Abelton Live included). Control the MKS80 with a mouse, view the updated parameters and create automation tracks for your MKS80 – it can't be done easier than this… The second tool is a 'bank handler' – after all, using a cassette to save/load your patches is certainly not the most advanced way to go. for more information visit.

RAZ Audio Free VSTs – Windows Only

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