Free Bass Syntesizer Behemoth 2

Behemoth 2 es un sintetizador analógico que emula el sonido de las guitarras de bajo E-Bass Guitar, perfecto para crear lineas de bajo con caracter y pegada…el sintetizador cuenta con 3 osciladores, cada oscilador cuenta con 8 bancos con formas de onda de alta resolucion, ademas cada oscilador cuenta con su propia sección de sintesis, con control de octavas, afinamiento, control de envolvente de los osciladores, filtros y muchas mas opciones…el plugin está disponible solo para Windows en versión 32bit.


Behemoth 2 is a classic analog style synthesizer that simulates the the sound of the legendary E-bass guitars alongside with true fat analog synths from the past and the present, and much more. Behemoth’s primal value is giving the musician a simple and understandable tool to create an impressive, powerful and punchy analog bass that can easily find his place in the mix with minimum tweaks.

Behemoth is driven by 3 oscillators sound engine. Each oscillator armed with 2 banks of 8 high resolution wavetables in each. Bank 1 is the main when bank 2 is functioning as morph target, so you can morph from the selected wavetable on bank 1 to the selected wavetable on bank 2. Each oscillator has it’s own synthesis section as well with an octave controller, fine tuning feature, oscillator’s envelope, oscillator’s filter, oscillator’s filter evelope and 5 modes filter LFO.


Behamoth Features

  • 3 oscillators sound engine with morphing ability.
  • a pair of 8 wavetables banks in each oscillator.
  • a detailed synthesis section.
  • 4 built-in effects with a separate connectivity to each oscillator.
  • advanced mono mode.

Behemoth VST by TornSub

Free Bass Syntesizer Behemoth 2

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Author: JoseLogicAudio

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