Free VST u-he Zoyd – MAC OS Only

Desde u-he nos sorprenden de vez en cuando con algún plugin gratuito, tenemos interesantes utilidades como Zebralette o TyrellN6, de las que ya hemos hablado en estas páginas…hoy es el turno de Zoyd, un plugin de distorsión que cuenta con gran cantidad de herramientas con las que dar forma al sonido…sección de síntesis, filtros, VCA, envolventes, dos LFO, generador de ruido y mezclador…el plugin se encuentra disponible para la plataforma MAC OS exclusivamente.


The synth that started it all! When Apple introduced Audio Units back in 2002, the first thing I realised was that nobody had a decent GUI construction kit for plug-ins. While the early adopters kept discussing the general feature set of Audio Units, I went straight for creating a quick and easy GUI toolkit – which I called CAUGui. Released later as open source, CAUGui was abandoned when better stuff came onto the scene.

Nevertheless, CAUGui allowed me to create the very first Audio Unit with a fancy custom user interface. It was called Rumblence:pure, a distortion plugin that was buggy as hell! I kept working on it, and out came Zoyd, one of the very first synthesizer plugins for Audio Units on MacOS X. This was still before I became a serious developer, and Zoyd never really left beta stage. However, some people still use it now and again..

Free VST u-he Zoyd –  MAC OS Only

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Author: JoseLogicAudio

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