Old but God – D-Lusion RubberDuck

Este es uno de los primeros programas con los que empecé a hacer música por ordenador…estamos hablando de finales de los 90, es decir, casi 30 años…!!!…podéis imaginar los ordenadores de la época, 286 y 386, con 512KB de memoria..pero aún así, con esta pequeña joya uno era capaz de crear cosas interesantes…sonidos tipo Acid TB-303, que secuenciados y montados en capas permiten generar muy buenas bases…la aplicación esta disponible solo para Windows y como aplicación “standalone”, es decir, es un programa no un plugin VST.

En la página del autor encontraremos ademas otras utilidades como una caja de ritmos y algún sintetizador…todo programas de los años 1996, 1997 y 1998 aproximadamente, así que también tenéis que entender que estos programas tienen sus limitaciones….pero pensad que se trata de los primeros programas que emulaban  aparatos y sintetizadores en ordenador…junto a la Rebirth de Propellerheads, de las primeras máquinas interesantes para Windows.


Rubberduck is a virtual acid and techno software-synthesizer for your pc. Its whole concept is based on the legendary cult synthesizer Roland TB-303…Rubberduck featured realtime digital resonant dynamic filters, frequency and volume envelope (DCA, DCF), 4 basic waveforms, dual oscillator sound generation (starting with version 2.0), a 224 note sequencer, a drum section where samples could be synchroneous played back, an effect unit (delay/feedback/distortion) and was fully Windows 95 compatible. User feedback was overwhelming, ranging from “the door-bending bass response makes rebirths 303 section sound like a touch tone device” to “fucking brilliant” and the most famous quote which says it all: “it is like fucking a hot hollywood bitch for the price of a corner crack slut”. On the other side Rubberduck received impressive press couverage, from “KEYS” to “Future Music”.


  • Standalone software synthesizer
  • 5 standard oscillators
  • Dual oscillator model including “morphing”
  • Realtime resonant filters
  • Great user interface & skin support
  • Frequency and volume envelopes
  • 256 notes step sequencer
  • Sound effects: hall, reverb, distortion
  • 16bit 44.1 khz CD quality
  • Midi support
  • .wav rendering option.wav rendering option
  • Groove section for drumloops

D-Lusion 2.12 VST – A Modern 303 Acid Mix (Part 2)
This is a long piece of music created using D-Lusion 2.12 VST … I have done this in 2 parts and will upload part 1 when i have finished it . Part 2 basically shows the full power of the VST using all of its components . Part 1 will just use a drum loop and the actual VST sound ! I would recommend that if you use this VST fully (as in this video) lable and put your loops in a single folder so you do not have to search for them ! The VST itself when recording has a tendency to let the loops over-power the actual created sound of D-Lusion 2.12 ! (So keep your loop volume down more than you need too ! (Unless you are doing a live gig with it ! Yes it is that good !) Good luck with this great free VST … And have many a great time just bringing back the sounds of yester-year ! If you found this helpfull or just liked it … Please leave a comment so i can access the feedback and if needs be – re-do this part …. I might even be tempted to do a part 3 🙂 As Moby said … EVERYBODY NEEDS A 303 !!! And why not this beauty !

Old but God – D-Lusion RubberDuck

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Author: JoseLogicAudio

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