The Interruptor Free VSTs – Windows

The Interruptor nos ofrece una serie de plugins totalmente gratuitos, los podemos descargar directamente desde su página web, pero tambien admiten donaciones para ayudar a seguir desarrollando nuevos proyectos…en su página vamos a encontrar plugins interesantes como TwinBass, un sintetizador con 2 osciladores, 2 tipos de filtro, efecto de distorsión, modulación, capacidad MIDI y modos monofónico y polifónico…otro de los plugin interesante es SupaDelay, un VST con sección delay de cinta, sección estéreo, filtros, reverb y capacidad MIDI…son muchas mas la utilidades, todas para la plataforma Windows 32bit.


Twinbass: VSTi Bass Synthesizer with a double filter architecture allowing to create rich mid-range bass textures together with a solid sub bass foundation. Also vocal-like timbres can be easily created. Features an extensive modulation matrix and individual outs for the filters.

  • 2 Oscillators: Sine, Saw, Ramp, Triangle, Pulse, Noise
  • 2 Filters operating in parallel (connection in series is also possible).
  • Feedback loop for the entire filter section
  • Distortion effect with two modes
  • Modulation
  • Process external signals: In Oscillator 2 an external signal can be selected as the waveform.
  • MIDI learn: Right-click any control to assign a midi control and automate the parameter from you DAW.
  • Monophonic modes with glide
  • Polyphonic modes with max. 8 simultaneous notes
  • Individual Outs are available for the two Filters.
  • Structure display: This panel shows the signal flow of the synth as it results from your settings of the filter and FX routings.
  • Pop-up hints: While the mouse hovers over a control a hint appears explaining the function of the control.


The Interruptor Free VSTs – Windows

Descarga Directa – Direct Download


Author: JoseLogicAudio

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