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De Minimal Systems creo haber publicado algo con anterioridad, pero estoy buscando estos plugins en concreto y no los encuentro por ningún lado, así que me he decidido a publicarlos…para empezar recomiendo registraros como usuarios en su página, algo necesario para poder descargar, una vez registrados, tendremos acceso a una serie de plugins de gran calidad, los plugins van desde instrumentos como Twinsted Energy a efectos como echo/delay, compresores, filtros o un rack para Ableton Live.

En total son 7 plugins de gran calidad, disponibles para la plataforma Windows 32 bits…Tenéis a vuestra disposición dos enlaces de descarga, el primero es descarga directa, y el segundo es descarga desde la página web de Minimal Systems, que requiere de registro previo como usuario.


Minimal System is a VST(i) plugin developer which creates absolutely top of the line products for the novice, intermediate, and advanced music producer and/or DJ and specializes in plugins for mixing and mastering audio including compressors, EQ’s, gates, reverb’s, and channel strips. We also produce synths and effects including filters, delays, and virtual analogue synths.

Minimal System are heavily involved in the world of music production and we understand that many musicians, DJ’s, and producers are on limited budgets when it comes to purchasing software and equipment. For this reason Minimal System likes to keep the cost of MSI plugins as low as possible whilst maintaining the very best sound and quality.

Twisted Energy VST Synth – Patch Demo
Twisted Energy is an analogue modeled 3 oscillator synth with extensive modulation properties designed for modern day music production. The synth is designed to make it easy to create dark techno basses, modulating atmospheres/pads, scorching lead sounds, and gated/arpeggiated sequences. The powerful subtractive capabilities this synth can create a vast amount of sounds and invites creativity Combine this with a slick hi-tech interface providing a logical flow when creating sounds, and a large range of parameters to experiment with and you have a very capable addition to your sonic arsenal. Available for FREE over at

Minimal Systems Free VSTs – Windows

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