DubTurbo Free VSTs Windows

Desde DubTurbo nos ofrecen una serie de plugin gratuitos pero de gran calidad, son un total de 9 plugins VST 32 bits para la plataforma Windows mas un pack de efectos compuesto de otros 11 plugins, vamos a encontrar un poco de todo, diversos Samplers y Romplers, un ecualizador, sintetizadores…Para descargar los plugins, es necesario iniciar sesión con Facebook y tambien desde SoundCloud, una vez le demos “seguir” desde SoundCloud, podremos descargar directamente todos los plugins, creo que no es un precio excesivo a cambio de esta Suite de plugins de gran calidad.


Was supposed to stay in-house.. This tool was created as I was creating my other VSTi’s in order to shape/create samples with. It’s modeled after something we did called the ORKESTRA which never got released publically however we utilized 4 samplers for a standalone folder of sounds… Now we’ve opened it up so you can actually import into all four, and add on-board treatments down to most fine-tuned detail. **Bit of a CPU hog – I use it more for shaping – but if your machine can handle it – romp with it live at will.

  • Chorus | DELAY
  • FILTERS | EQ X 4
  • Remembers setup on reload
  • Automation enabled

FREE FX VST's – Echo delay, comp/expand, gate, 32 & 60 band EQ, pitch shifter & drifter, Chor/Rev

DubTurbo Free VSTs Windows

Descarga Directa – Direct Download


Author: JoseLogicAudio

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