Free VST PaltinumEars – Windows

Desde PlatinumEars, nos ofrecen de forma gratuita una serie de plugins VST para la plataforma Windows, son diversos, pero podríamos destacar 5ORCERY, un compresor multibanda con capacidades “Side-Chain”, que divide la señal de entrada en 5 canales usando filtros “Cross-Over”… L3V3LL3R-X3, otro compresor multibanda con limitador y ecualización dinámica…IQ4-Gui, un ecualizador dinámico, capaz de expandir o comprimir un amplio rango de frecuencias y OG4, un plugin puerta de ruido…en definitiva, herramientas perfectas para masterización.


5ORCERY takes a different approach: the signal is still split into five separate bands using cross-over filters, and these feed the side-chains of five separate compressors. But the filtered signals are not mixed back together again: instead the gain modulation signals from all five compressors are matrixed into modulation signals for 4 dynamic shelving filters plus a gain stage.

To put it another way: while this plug-in behaves like a multi-band compressor, and allows you to solve many of the same problems, it is in actual fact a constantly changing 4-band equaliser, and when it isn’t doing anything, it really isn’t doing anything!..I have therefore dubbed this approach meta-multiband compression: all the benefits of a multi-band with none of the usual side effects. Use it wherever you like, on channels, sub-groups or mixes.

Free VST PaltinumEars - Windows

Free VST PaltinumEars - Windows

Free VST PaltinumEars - Windows

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