Syncersoft Free VST – Windows Only

Desde Syncersoft nos ofrecen 22 plugins VST gratuitos de diversos tipos, tenemos efectos, utilidades, sintetizadores…entre los 22 plugins vamos a encontrar un poco de todo, sintetizadores puros y duros y utilidades que van desde un Vocoder a efectos como un Reverb o un emulador de vinilo…los plugins se encuentran disponibles en versión 32 bits para la plataforma Windows.


Urban nexus is a spectral synthesizer with 32 harmonics that can be simple drawn with mouse. In the same way can be adjusted the amp ADSR and filter ADSR. Additional timbre adjustments are made using warping system and adding phat module with 5 x-mode, also LP/HP filter, LFO and reverberation…Gangnam Vocoder is vintage style 10 bands vocoder effect with extended possibilites of modulation. It has 4 types of analog style sounding filters onboard. Its good for creation of synthetic voice. You can create phat and strange sounds with help of detune module.

Syncersoft Free VST


POLYVOKS by SyncerSoft
Polyvoks Station is based upon a classic soviet synthesizer, this video only shows the sounds that the free vsti has to offer so why not try it for your selves and other classic free vsti synths from russia. for more information visit.

Syncersoft Free VST – Windows Only

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