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as_fbComp es un compresor /limitador en formato VST para Windows, el plugin solo se encuentra disponible en versión de 32 bits…el plugin dispone de capacidades “side-chain” y puede funcionar en dos modos, Stereo, que sería el modo normal y Mono, en el que el canal izquierdo hace funciones de entrada de audio y el derecho de side-chain.


as_fbComp is a feedback compressor / limiter with side-chain capabilities. It has two modes of operation:

  • MONO – the Left input channel is used as audio input, while the Right input channel is used as SideChain input.
  • STEREO – nothing exciting in this mode.

When in MONO mode, the SideChain “Source” (for the detector) can be balanced between the L and R channels (where L is the audio signal, and R is the SideChain input signal). When the Source knob is in the middle – both L and R are mixed equally.

Additionally, there is a simple LowShelf filter in the SideChain, which can be adjusted from -1 (where it will cancel and act as a HPF) to +4, and its frequency can be set from ~16 to ~160Hz.

  • Output is saturated by a slightly non-symmetrical shaper which clips hard to 0dB.
  • There is DC-Filtering on the input and output.
  • Dry knob mixes (adds) the uncompressed signal to the output.
  • Attack and Release times are calibrated at 6dB of gain reduction, but due to the nature of the feedback compression – the effective Attack and Release times will be about twice slower at 0dB and about twice faster at 12dB of gain reduction.

Descarga Directa – Direct Download


Author: JoseLogicAudio

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