Ochre Parametric Equalizer Win-MAC

Desde Acustica, nos ofrecen su plugin de ecualización paramétrica “Ochre”, se trata de un ecualizador paramétrico de 3 bandas de estilo analógico, Ochre es un plugin con un sonido cálido y orgánico, perfecto para dar ese “toque final” a nuestras producciones…el plugin se encuentra disponible en versiones Windows VST y MAC OS, en versiones 32 y 64 bits.


Acustica-Audio has released Ochre Free, a freeware analog style 3-band parametric equalizer VST/AU plugin for Windows and Mac OS based digital audio workstations…Acustica is pleased to introduce Ochre “HOMEBREW” Eq, an EQ with 3 parametric bands, individually switchable; It’s the first plug-in of the HOMEBREW series, a new series of Acqua plug-ins with gorgeous graphical user interfaces that enable easy and quick parameter changes.

  • Output slider control plug-in output gain.
  • The PRE-IN button enables (lamp ON) or bypasses (lamp OFF) the preamp stage of Ochre q.
  • POWER button sets to bypass the plug-in or not-bypasses
  • Input Trim: This knob sets the input level from -24dB to +24dB, and is used to control the signal level inside the eq, the output level is than automatically compensated by the same amount of gain.
    At the first execution of the plug-in, input is set to ensure that you feed an appropriate level from the first stage of your signal path to the final one.
  • INPUT – OUTPUT VU METER measure the input (uppest position meter) and output (lowest position meter) levels of the plug-in.

Each band is controlled independently by an identical set of controls; for Low Frequency ,Mid Frequency, High Frequency, each section has controls for:

  • Q: from 0.5 to 4
  • Frequency: Low band from 35 to 315 Hz;
    Mid band from 315 to 2500 Hz;
    High band from 2500 to 22000 Hz
  • Cut/Boost: +/-16dB;

Ochre EQ Parametric | Free Plugin
Temos aqui o novo plugin da Acustica Audio. Estamos falando do Ochre,um Equalizador Paramétrico em versão Gratuita disponível nos formatos Windows 32/64 bits ,Mac OS e AU. Ochre é o primeiro plugin da série HOMEBREW, uma nova série da Acqua plugins com uma interface de usuário e deisng para alterações de parâmetros fácil e intuitiva. DOWNLOAD:

Ochre Free Parametric Equalizer Win-MAC

Descarga Directa – Direct Download


Author: JoseLogicAudio

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