Ghosthack Free Sample Packs

Los creadores de GhostHack nos ofrecen una serie de librerías de sonidos totalmente gratuitas, tenemos dos grandes bloques, DubStep y Drum’N’Bass, en conjunto, son cientos de loops y samples totalmente libres de derechos, por lo que pueden ser utilizados en temas comerciales sin mayor preocupación, por supuesto, se trata de sonidos con calidad de estudio.


The free packages contain basically everything what you need for making a nice electronic music track: Lots of one shot drum samples for bassdrums, snares, claps, hihats, shakers, tribal sounds, bongos and percussions. Of course the packages contain dubstep typcial basslines, very deep ones as well as hard upfront wobble basslines or nasty phaser basses. They are mostly made with Native Instruments Massive and some packages even have a preset file in it for this great VST synthesizer, so that you even can change the parameters and the sound of the bassline. All ressources are royalty free and could be used in commercial music productions.

Ghosthack Free Sample Packs

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Author: JoseLogicAudio

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