Plugin VST TENQ : Ten Band EQ

Plugin VST TENQ : Ten Band EQ…Interesante plugin VST totalmente gratuito, se trata de un ecualizador paramétrico de 10 bandas, incluye un analizador de espectro, el cual nos permite analizar la entrada, la salida, o comparar ambas señales, nos ofrece Zoom sobre la forma de onda, aceleración open GL y hasta 11 formas de nodo, con ancho de banda ajustable y un corte o boost máximo de 30 dB por nodo.


Intuitive EQ with a choice of 11 node types, TENQ is a general purpose tracking plugin with a swanky hardware accelerated zoomable GUI, Spectrum Analyser and True, Split & M/S modes. The main reason for creating this plugin was to bring OpenGL hardware accelerated graphics rendering to the SynthEdit dev environment bringing a boost to the various developers using the platform to make their wares – TENQ has been the primary test-bed for this effort, but my real motivation is to deploy this new code against the wide-format surround plugin SoundSquares which I’ve been developing for the last 4 years now.

WhiteLabel TenQ

  • General purpose EQ
  • 10 band parametric EQ
  • EQ with a choice of 11 node types
  • Spectrum Analyser
  • True, Split & M/S modes
  • Windows 32bit

TENQ : now available from

Plugin VST TENQ : Ten Band EQ

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Author: JoseLogicAudio

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