Free Megapack Novation Heritage Loops

Free Megapack Novation Heritage Loops…Este pack contiene sonidos y loops de los sintetizadores e instrumentos de la casa Novation…Novation Bass Station 1 y 2, Novation Mininova, Novation Ultranova, Novation Supernova, Novation DrumStation y K-Station…Un pack que una vez descomprimido en nuestro disco duro ocupa casi 1 Gb y contiene 985 Loops y samples en calidad de estudio, 24 bit y 48 kHz, como de costumbre, todos los sonidos son libres de derechos.


Un sintetizador es un instrumento musical electrónico diseñado para producir sonido generado artificialmente, usando técnicas como síntesis aditiva, substractiva, de modulación de frecuencia, de modelado físico o modulación de fase, para crear sonidos. El sintetizador crea sonidos mediante manipulación directa de corrientes eléctricas (como los sintetizadores analógicos), mediante la manipulación de una onda FM digital (sintetizadores digitales), manipulación de valores discretos usando ordenadores (sintetizadores basados en software), o combinando cualquier método. En la fase final del sintetizador, las corrientes eléctricas se usan para producir vibraciones en altavoces, auriculares, etc. Este sonido sintético se distingue de la grabación de sonido natural, donde la energía mecánica de una onda de sonido se transforma en una señal que más tarde se convertirá de nuevo en energía mecánica durante su reproducción.


A sound synthesizer (often abbreviated as “synthesizer” or “synth“) is an electronic musical instrument capable of producing a wide range of sounds. Synthesizers may either imitate other instruments (“imitative synthesis”) or generate new timbres. They can be played (controlled) via a variety of different input devices (including keyboards, music sequencers and instrument controllers). Synthesizers generate electric signals (waveforms), and can finally be converted to sound through loudspeakers or headphones. Synthesizers use a number of different technologies or programmed algorithms to generate signal, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Among the most popular waveform synthesis techniques are subtractive synthesis, additive synthesis, wavetable synthesis, frequency modulation synthesis, phase distortion synthesis, physical modeling synthesis and sample-based synthesis. Also other sound synthesis methods including subharmonic synthesis used on mixture trautonium, granular synthesis resulting Soundscape or Cloud, are rarely used. (See #Types of synthesis).

Free Megapack Novation Heritage Loops

  • 1 Gb Unpacked
  • 985 Loops and Samples
  • WAV format
  • 24 bit 48 kHz
  • Royalty Free

Free Megapack Novation Heritage Loops

Novation // Innovation Since 1992
Novation co-founder Ian Jannoway, legendary synth designer Chris Huggett, Gus Unger-Hamilton of Alt-J, Sneaker Pimps and Lana Del Ray producer Liam Howe, and Head of Product & Marketing Matt Derbyshire all feature in this very special short film that charts the rise of Novation from humble beginnings to a company whose musical innovations support a user base that includes – amongst many others – Orbital, M4SONIC, Rudimental, T.E.E.D, Lunice, Alt-J, Teddy Riley, and Jimmy Mac – keyboardist for international sensation Lorde. Along with this short film exploring Novation's past, present, and future, we're celebrating our heritage with a completely free sample pack comprising over 800MB of loops, single hits, multi sampled patches, and drum kits from its unforgettable and modern classic synths. To grab this free pack, head to the heritage page linked below! In addition, three people will win their choice of Bass Station II, UltraNova, or MiniNova – our award winning current lineup of synthesisers – in a make-a-track competition with an all-star judging panel including Paul Hartnoll (Orbital), Liam Howe (Lana Del Rey, Sneaker Pimps), Eats Everything, and Timo Maas in a competition running from the 4th of February to the 4th of March 2014. To find more details and to enter, head to the page linked below:


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