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Free VST Roboverb – Windows – MAC OS

Roboverb es un plugin enfocado a la creación de sonidos experimentales, pero como su nombre indica, sus puntos fuertes son el reverb y la creación de voces roboticas, pese a tratarse de un pliginde reverb, debido a que colorea y metaliza el sonido, no es aconsejable su uso como reverb normal…el plugin se encuentra disponible en formatos VST/VST3/AU, en versiones 32bit y 64bit, para las plataformas Windows y MAC OS.


Roboverb is the next generation robotic voice reverb plugin. Use the form below to download Roboverb absolutely free. Once you confirm your email, we’ll send you the download link…Roboverb is undoubtedly unique, and I think is mainly suitable for experiments and the creation of sound effects. Because is coloring the sound in an obvious way, I don’t see it as you reverb for everyday use, but it deserves attention, especially that promises to be a perfect tool to manipulate the sound, to “metallize” it, if I am allowed. Roboverb is available for anyone who subscribes to Kushview’s newsletter. VST/VST3/AU, 32- and 63-bit versions for both Windows and Mac users. Once you subscribe, after email confirmation, you will have the links of the plugin installer (Mac & Windows) delivered straight to your inbox.

Free VST Roboverb - Windows - MAC OS

Free VST Roboverb – Windows – MAC OS

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Author: JoseLogicAudio

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