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Free VST Arsenal Compressor LE

Arsenal Compressor LE es un compresor tipo “vintage”, con filtros encadenados internamente, esta es una versión un tanto limitada, pero funcional, el plugin es completamente automatizable, cuenta con capacidad de aprendizaje MIDI y tiene una latencia prácticamente nula.


Arsenal Compressor LE is a complete vintage compressor with internal side-chain filters and M/S (Mid/Side) processing. This free LE version does not feature the Threshold and Mix knobs or their functions: it has a fixed threshold (-25 dB) and its set as 100% wet effect (you can’t blend it with the original signal). Use it to process any sound that needs dynamic processing. Use the side-chain feature to process only certain frequencies, leaving the other frequencies unprocessed. And last but not least, with the M/S feature, you can process dynamically only the Mid, the Sides or even achieve parallel compression (50/50) but in M/S.

  • Full automation.
  • MIDI learn (right-click knobs)
  • Zero latency.


Free VST Arsenal Compressor LE

Descarga Directa – Direct Download


Author: JoseLogicAudio

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