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Free VST Synthesizer Cyntia

Cyntia es un plugin VSTi basado en el sintetizador EMS SynthiA, se trata de un sintetizador monofónico, con capacidad de crear y almacenar “presets”, ademas es totalmente compatible MIDI, por lo que es muy sencillo de manejar desde un controlador…Cyntia cuenta con 3 osciladores monofónicos, un generador de ruido, dos entradas de audio desde las que podemos insertar cualquier fuente de sonido (instrumentos, voces), secuenciador por pasos de voltaje, modulación de anillo, delay reverb…en fin, una gran máquina con la que pasar muchas horas.


Do you miss the old days when a synth was not plug n play, but a challange in routing? Where you had to tune a synth before you could play it and where spring reverbs and filters would go nuts?  With Cynthia you can do all that crazy stuff you cant do with a modern synth. Cynthia is monophonic VSTi, very Old School, but will still be able to keep in tune throughout the song, patches can be stored and it is of course fully MIDI controllable. Cynthia is free to use and will send you 30 years back in time to the dawn of modular synthesis…As the name implies its inspired from the old EMS SynthiA. I did my best to match the specifications of the SynthiA, but as I got bored I threw in a bit extra.

  • 3 monophonic oscillators with controls for shape and level of the waveforms, sync and phase-shift
    • OSC1: Range from 0.6 Hz to 16 kHz, sine and triangle
    • OSC2: Range from 0.6 Hz to 16 kHz, square and triangle
    • OSC3: Range from 0.015 Hz to 500 Hz, square and triangle
  • Noise generator
  • Two audio inputs so you can modify the sound of a guitar or your voice
  • 8 step control voltage sequencer
  • Attack-hold-decay(-repeat) envelope generator producing a control voltage with adjustable level and bias
  • A self-oscillating filter (can be used as a sine OSC as well)
  • 3 VCA’s controlled by the envelope generator or control voltages assigned to the output level of each channel
  • Ring modulator
  • Spring reverb with short and long spring
  • Delay (delay time from 0 to 10 seconds)
  • Tuner for tuning OSC’s by ear
  • Joystick for extra control
  • 16 x 20 routing matrix with inputs for host MIDI pitch and velocity and inversion of individual connections
  • MIDI cc’s can be assigned to any knob
  • Adjustable portamento time
  • Trigger button for triggering the envelope generator
  • 2 pairs of stereo outputs with extra filters, pan and volume control
    • Direct out
    • Speaker (simulating the sound of a pair of canny speakers)

Free VST Synthesizer Cyntia

Free VST Synthesizer Cyntia

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Author: JoseLogicAudio

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