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Dominion Shaper Plugin – Windows-MAC

Dominion es un plugin VST gratuito, se trata de un potente editor de transitorios, que nos provee de una herramienta clara y precisa para el control de la din谩micas, especialmente en sonidos percusivos, bombos, cajas, charles…el plugin se encuentra disponible tanto para la plataforma Windows como MAC OS.


If you were searching for a tool to shape the envelope of a signal, giving you total control of the signal’s attack & sustain phase, dominion is certainly something for you!But it’s got more to offer…

A short overview of the features:

  • Envelope section. Adjust attack & sustain independently, regardless of input level. Plus, you have control over the envelopes’ time constants. Imagine pulling a drummer up front or pushing him to the background by dragging just a single slider! Feel like moving the walls around him? Again, a single push enhances the room information or can make the sound really dry.
    Imagine doing things like this with other instruments as well… 馃檪
  • Saturation stage. Following digitalfishphones tradition, the plugin can help to reduce harshness often associated with digital recordings, giving back some warmth and life to your source by modelling classic analog equipment. The tonal character stays adjustable within a broad range.
  • High frequency details section. Similar to classic exciter circuits, this section allows you to brighten up a signal, giving transparency and depth by generating additional harmonics.
  • Non-clipping output stage. Like the endorphin compressor, a brickwall waveshaper circuit ensures that the output won’t exceed -0.1dBFS, while remaining sonically

Dominion Shaper Plugin - Windows-MAC

Dominion Shaper Plugin – Windows-MAC

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Author: JoseLogicAudio

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